Didriksons 1913 Men's Clark Parka
Didriksons 1913
Didriksons 1913 Men's Clark Parka
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Didriksons Men's Clark Parka - £200

Get set for Winter chills with the Didriksons Clark Parka for men. This fully seam sealed waterproof and breathable coat is synthetically insulated and a longer length, perfect for wintry walks and strolls around town.

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Didriksons Men's Clark Parka - £200

If you're in need of a new coat that will keep you warm when outdoors during the autumn and winter months, as well as looking good, this Didriksons Clark Parka will more than meet those requirements! With multiple inner pockets, detachable hood and, amongst other noteworthy features, a 2way frontzip, longer length, and Parka styling. 


All products marked with the STORM SYSTEM label are specially developed for particularly harsh weather. Their shell fabrics are fully waterproof and all seams are sealed by tape and/or welding. The STORM SYSTEM products are all about protection and they are designed to keep you dry and warm during all weather conditions.

The Dry Level communicates the water column of the waterproof fabric and is only used in fully seam sealed Storm System garments. The Dry Level number is expressed in meters of water pressure the fabric can resist.
A Didriksons Dry 8 fabric is a combination of a high water repellent base fabric and a lamination or coating with a minimum of 8.000 mm water resistance after 3 washes. This together with the garment function level and breathabxility level forms a highly durable, waterproof, breathable and comfortable protection in all weather conditions.

The Heat Level stands for the garments ability to protect you against low temperatures. A high level number has a better ability to isolate the heat and keep your body warm than a low level number. What effects the level is the garments insulation volume, if it's waterproof and/or windproof and how much of your body the garment covers.
>120 g/m² main padding.
¾ Length body cover.
Taffeta lining.
Waterproof (all seams taped).

The Function Level will tell you what functions each garment has and what they stand for.
- 2 directions adjustable hood - the hood size can be adjusted in 2 directions.
- 2way front zip - to maintain a good micro-climate inside your protective shell you sometimes need to release some unnecessary heat to avoid colling condensation. If a garment uses a 2way front zip in combination with a button down placket this allows you to use it as ventilation.
- Adjustable cuff - allows easily adaption to the size of your preference and helps to contain the heat inside your garment.
- Adjustable hem - allows you to adjust the garment to keep the heat inside.
- Adjustable waist
- Chin guard - to protect you from the zip.
- Detach hood - the hood is detachable. This gives you the choice of wearing the jacket with or without hood.
- Inside elastic cuffs - adapt to your body movement and blocks out unwanted cold
- Media prepared - The garment has a storage pocket with cord opening for use with your radio, phone, mp3 etc.
- Multiple inner pockets
- Zipper with cover at front

The breathable level is achieved using waterproof and breathable fabrics. If a garment is using waterproof and breathable fabrics but the seams are not sealed this will result ina high level number than if it has sealed seams, as the seams allow air to pass through. The other factor is the ability a waterproof fabric allows moisture vapour to be transported from the inside of the fabric to the outside. The level number indicates how many kilograms that will past through 1m2 during 24 hours. The breathability can be measured in many different testing methods. Didriksons uses ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD.
- 4000 g/m²/24 h, ASTM E-96 BW STANDARD.

FABRIC - Shell 75% Cotton, 25% Nylon Weave 2layer coating, WR finish. 120 g/m² main padding.

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